Diagnosed With D.I.D in 1995
In 1992, when we moved away from our childhood home, and traveled 2500 miles away, we had no memory of our childhood. It was all locked away inside.

We knew something was wrong, but did not know what it could be. After settling in to my new apartment, the nightmare began... literally.

Nightmares, headaches, lost time. A friend with whom I spoke often, realized we had become severely suicidal and suggested we seek the help of a professional (he was a Psychologist).

We did, and were put on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds, and our jurney down the rabbit hole began.

As my presernt time unravelled, our past started boiling to the surface... Rape, beatings, broken bones, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse...

Then the alters started making their presence known.
Jina was the first to let her name be known to us through an interactive fiction writing club we were a member of. Then Dahlie became known to us. She didn't speak, but at 4 years old knows how to write and read.

Over time we have learned of many of our alters. Besides Jina(8), Dahlie(4) there are James(16) Amy(6) Sara(3) Hailey(18) Sam(40) David(15) Cutter(10) Me(15) Charlie(5) Kris(3) Sandy(3) Susan(16) Janet(15) and we are still finding out about 'new' alters.

We are at this time, not co-consious, and are only aware of each other because of multiple years of therapy. Without co-consiousness, we lose a lot of time, so we are hoping that by starting this blog, we can open a pathway to communication, so that lost time is somehow accounted for.